Zhejiang red sun auto electric appliance co., LTD、Wenzhou tongli automobile electric appliance co., LTD、Yueqing city red sun electric car

Lishui new factories
Located in shore of east China sea,Close to104National highway,From wenzhou city25Kilometers,South of wenzhou airport25Kilometers,Eastern neighbours home5AYandang mountain scenic spots。Our company specializing in the production of import、Domestic automobile generators、The parts of the starter,The main products are:Slip ring、Carbon brush holder、Stents、Connection column、B+Terminals、The outer cover、Bearing sleeve、Skeleton、Fork、Reduction gear ring、The electromagnetic switch cover、The static contact、Moving contact、Copper sleeve、Insulation pad、Rubber sheath、Convert wiring harness and other products。The company after 20 years of exploration and development...

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