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        Gaoyou compro environmental resources co., LTD. Is located in jiangsu gaoyou Long Qiu town environmental protection industrial park,Is founded by bosideng co., LTD. Investment environmental protection enterprises,The total investment5One hundred million yuan,Covers an area of one period105m,New construction area 23500 Square meters,Green area47800Square meters;The second phase95Mu will be2018The New Year。Company introduces the domestic and foreign advanced fire equipment and automated production lines and a complete testing equipment,Have all kinds of professional and technical personnel,Increasing science and technology research and development and technological innovation。
      Company is mainly engaged in chemical industry、Pharmaceutical、Machinery、Printing and dyeing、Electronic industries such as industrial solid waste for safety、Effective、The standardization of the harmless disposal。Is the yangzhou city the first hazardous waste incineration disposal enterprise standardization construction。We will provide domestic and foreign enterprises with a complete industrial waste comprehensive service。
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